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Charitable Aviation Foundation is a

501c3 public charity, and all financial contributions are tax-deductible.

Pilot flying a child on an inspiration flight.

The Charitable Aviation Foundation provides quick-turn funding for volunteer pilot organizations engaged in compassionate airlift for people, patients, animals and communities.  We immediately distribute funds we raise from our financial partners towards supporting charitable aviation.


The volunteer pilots associated with these organizations typically provide their own planes and pay for flight expenses, but the volunteer pilot organizations need funding for mission coordination contract staff, disaster relief supplies, airlift support equipment, volunteer pilot hosting/hospitality, and staff travel/education.


Financial support for the Charitable Aviation Foundation will help sustain and grow these volunteer pilot organizations, as well as inspire the next generation of pilots towards socially responsible aviation and community engagement.

Gracen Jules - Financial Partner for the Charitable Aviation Foundation
Aamro Aviation Logo - Blue.png
FlytFinance - Financial Partner for the Charitable Aviation Foundation
JukeStrat _ Logo Full Color.png
Omni Air Transport - Financial Partner for the Charitable Aviation Foundation
Brown Aero Logo PNG.png
Southeast Flyers_Full Logo.png
LEIGHNOR logo_edited.png
Logo Buiqui.jpeg
Space Inch_logo_full.png
Blackstone Logo black on white.png
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